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Waterfront home in Fort Lauderdale, FL. W.A. Bentz Construction.

Kawasaki KZ200 by Odum Custom Motorcycles
❤️Sharing time❤️ /// I wasn’t always fit❌💪❌. I wasn’t always healthy❌🍌❌. I wasn’t always determined and motivated and disciplined. For the longest time, I went through my life angry😡, lost, afraid😖, unhappy in my skin😞, hating myself, uncomfortable with myself and emotionally distraught⚡️. I never woke up excited for the day ahead, I didn’t believe I deserved to be happy and healthy, and for the longest time I used to say that I hated those people who said they loved to work out😁👊! (Crazy, right!?) I ate like crap🍭🍪🍟🍕🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 and felt like crap. That was my life and I thought that I couldn’t do anything about it. Until one day, ✨I changed✨. Just like THAT🙌. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wanted a change. I knew I was destined for something 💫bigger💫 and better🙏. One day, I finally KNEW that I deserved true happiness💕. Since the day I decided to change a little more than 2 years ago, I’ve never looked back☀️🌊🌴🌏. /// 🔴👉do you want to learn to truly ❤️LOVE yourself❤️ and be proud of the body you’re in💪? You’ve only got one, and you deserve to love it and treat it right💋. Join my 🎄HOLIDAY SLIM DOWN TONE UP🎉 challenge! Starting December 3rd, we’ll WORK TOGETHER TO KEEP EACH OTHER ACCOUNTABLE: work out daily💦, learn about proper nutrition🍵🍎🍉, track our food, drink Shakeology🍫 daily and I’ll personally coach you📢 and take you to the best shape of your LIFE👙! The holidays can be a really hard time to stay on track - but let’s get started 💥RIGHT AWAY💥, so that by that time, you’ll be fitter💃, will have adopted healthy habits🌿, people will want to know how you got to look so awesome🔥😉, and that little treat will be well-deserved and guilt-free🍰🍨! ARE YOU READY TO MAKE THE CHANGE⁉️💥❤️?! I’m here for you💯! Email me and add me on Facebook💌✌️! Let’s do this!
#letitbe✌💙 goodnight xox zZzZZzZzzz….
CELEBRATE your beauty today! 👑🎀 Look at yourself in the mirror and SMILE😊 with your heart and soul. THERE is your beauty, and it ✨shines✨ through your pores. Tell yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY that you are beautiful. This practice isn’t selfish, or conceited, or haughty. It is necessary and wonderful. 💖 Shine bright, babes💎 AND dudes, too!🙇
RISE & SHINE! It’s a new day, start it off right with HYDRATION!💧💙 Drink water OFTEN, keep a reusable bottle with built-in filter with you so you can have fresh, clean water on the go!✌/// I am actually raising money for WaterCan, an organization that helps to build water wells and clean water sanitation to 4 countries in Africa. If you want to sponsor my 6km Walk for Water💧🚶, you can visit the site at, click “donate” at the bottom & then write in my name, “Laura Verbich” 🙏❤ More than 1 BILLION people live without clean water, and over 2.5 billion do not have basic sanitation. I believe we SHOULD AND CAN change this!!! 25$ is enough to give clean water to one person in Africa for LIFE! THANK YOU in advance for your generosity! God bless!!!! 😘🙏
I am thinking of this tonight. I feel like I wander this world through my thoughts and feelings and imagination and spirit and mind, and although I constantly learn and change and evolve and believe in new things, I do not feel lost. I feel like my wanderings keep me alive and curious and young and free, they do not make me feel fear. Of course sometimes I question and feel a little uncertain, but I always believe that I will find the right path. I am guiding myself on this journey I call my life, and the people I meet along the way help me too. I’m just feeling contemplative right now and thought I’d share. Just know, you are never lost, wandering around will always get you back to where you’re meant to be. Namaste💖✌.
BEST ASSET: I think my best asset is my insides. Ever since I started educating myself about animal rights, vegetarian and veganism, environmental issues, organic produce, healthy foods, healthy lifestyles, I’ve just grown more and more to become and embody the lifestyle and the passion is burning inside me. I will ALWAYS have this passion and it drives me forward. I never want to stay put, why would I when I can help change the world? We all can, we can all make a difference. I love my determination, my self-motivation, my willingness to learn and educate myself, my unwavering values and the way I see the world. 🌍🌛❤🙏
Ohhhhh, if only…! What a world that would be!

Wrote a detailed blog post about my personal experience on 801010/THE BANANA GIRL DIET! Check it out here: FIT, GREEN AND GORGEOUS!
Hard work, patience, practice, discipline, commitment, passion, perseverance, hard work (did I say that already? Must be important!), determination. It will happen. Whatever it is. Just keep going. 💛✌
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