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💕💕💕Happy Women’s Day💕💕💕 Be strong, be loving, be independent, be fierce, be real, be honest, be true, BE YOU!!! Be proud to be a woman! Show the world what you’re made of! Go fiercely into the world and make your mark. WOMEN ROCK!!!!!!☀🚺♥🌷💪💄🏡⚽👙💼💰🚴💐👊💃💦🔥🎨🎶💋💭💎👠🎤💖🎸💅🍫📚👑❤🏆✌🎿🌺👩🍼🍓🍑🍌🌹
Rise & shine! Each new day is an opportunity - an opportunity to work on your goals, plan your dreams, move forward towards becoming a truer and better you. Don’t let these opportunities fly by! Be an active part of your own life! Take it into your hands and let go of the excuses!  Now go work out!!!
YES 👊🔥💫! When I first decided to change my body and my life, I knew that I had to change a LOT! No more drinking on weekends, waking up early every day, going to bed early, planning my meals, buying healthier groceries, spending less money on unnecessary items so I could get my DVDs, equipment & food… I saw my relationships changing (many for the better, others I had to let go of). I saw my way of thinking and my outlook on life changing. I used to be angry and in bad moods very often, I suffered from mood swings and binge eating at times. All that changed, but it was constant DETERMINATION and COMMITMENT that kept me on the right path. It was never perfect, it certainly wasn’t smooth- I went through (and still do!) struggles and obstacles. But I wanted it (and want it) and knew I deserved it, knew it would be worth it. IT IS WORTH IT. YOU ARE WORTH IT! /// If you are ready to make the change and accept my challenge, I’m here to help and guide you, every step of the way. Message me on facebook ( or email me ( for more details xxx❤👊✌💋
Awhile ago I started an experiment: what if I really started LISTENING, not only to what others were saying but to the quiet sounds of my own soul, and the world around me? What if I starting saying what I mean and meaning what I say? I became more peaceful.  The stillness inside me calmed me, and it was easier to find when I needed it most. Give this a try today✌❤
It all starts with a decision. The decision to stop letting excuses rule your life and to start being HAPPY. 👊DETERMINATION, PERSEVERANCE, TRUST, COMMITMENT, PASSION, DEDICATION, PATIENCE, SELFLOVE.❤ You can and WILL change your body and your life if and when you want it. /// I’m here to help you and guide you as much as I can! I’m starting a health and fitness challenge for SPRING BREAK. If you’re ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, invest in your body and well-being, take your fitness and nutrition to the next level and stop making excuses, add me on Facebook or email me at LETS DO IT!!!!! 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊❤💋✌
Hey beautiful people! It’s FLEX FRIDAYS, the day to celebrate PROGRESS and our ever-changing bodies and minds! It’s my first time participating in Bodesquad’s  instagram contest and I’d REALLY appreciate it if you head over to my instagram and HEART my photo to vote for me! And if you really do like it, send your friends and fam to HEART it too! Thank you sooo much! Have a beautiful Friday! And be PROUD of who you are!

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